Honey, Defined My Waves

Wave King Elite Set

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Every elite waver knows that one product won’t give you great waves. It’s all about trying and mixing products that work best for your hair type and wave pattern.

The Wave King Elite Set delivers the ultimate moisture and definition for wavers who want to get the next level.

Contains one jar of each of the following:

Muru Muru Wave Butter 4.0 oz. (115 g)
Revives dry hair and scalp, tames hair and prevents breakage wavers may get from brushing. Rich in omegas, Muru Muru Wave Butter deep conditions and softens hair, controlling frizz & restoring hair elasticity. The result is thicker, deeper waves with a long-lasting natural shine.

Honey, Defined My Waves  6.6 oz. (188 g)
A protective & nourishing leave-in treatment moisturizes dry hair scalp with nourishing proteins and conditioners. It also helps prevent breakage wavers get from brushing. Our special wave-defining formula is infused with natural honey and hydrates waves, adding superior shine. This treatment also has added collagen and helps enhance wave definition, leaving you with fuller, deeper waves.

Amla Oil  4.4 oz. (130 mL)
Rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidants, Amla Oil instantly adds moisture to hair and body. On the hair, it strengthens & conditions from the root to ends, locking in moisture and soothing the scalp. It can also be used to hydrate dry skin. It glides easily without leaving a greasy feel. Can also be used on beards. This nourishing oil is all-around great for your hair and body.

Spin’n Black  5.9 oz. (170 g)
Get deeper, more defined waves with Spin’n Black wave cream infused with Black Seed Oil, a potent antioxidant. Our signature blend wave cream is a pomade alternative enhanced with active proteins & collagen to help strengthen and restore hair nutrients. Extra keratin absorbs into waves & seals in moisture protecting each hair strand. Spin’n Black provides a strong hold & adds natural shine without the greasy buildup.